Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lemonade...a little summer in a glass!

We are not big soda people around here...we don't sell anything in a can or bottle actually. We make ice tea and all the steamers and the coffee drinks possible, but when people want something cold and refreshing...we give them our homemade lemonade. I originally found the recipe for this in an old Joy of cooking and I loved the fact that it used all the lemon...skins and all. In the end, the rinds all sugared and dried, have become the most popular part! I have to say, the lemonade itself is pretty darn good, too!

Using a potato peeler, peel the lemons, being careful to only take off the yellow skin, leaving the bitter white pith behind.

Put in a pot with sugar and water and gently bring to a simmer...cook 10 minutes until sugar is very well dissolved and rinds are transparent and curly.

While the above mixture simmers, juice the lemons. once syrup is done, cool slightly and strain into the juice. That is your lemonade concentrate. Take the rinds and sprinkle with granulated sugar to coat. spread out on parchment paper and let dry.
To assemble, fill a glass half way with ice, the water to an inch or so from the top then top off with your concentrate. (we use about 3 ounces of concentrate in a 16 ounce glass) Put your dried lemon peel on top, and you have summer in a glass!

p.s. It goes great with gin or tequila, for a little after work refresher!
p.s.s. You could also do this with limes...marguarita's anyone?
p.s.s.s. Big Thanks to Donna Turner Ruhlman for her allowing me to ask the silliest of photography questions ("Yes, a white card is just that...a white card! Who knew!) and for sharing her knowledge with so much encouragement!

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