Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crack chips

Early on in my restaurant career, when I was living in Driggs, Idaho for a short stint as a wanna be ski-bum, I worked as a line cook at a mexican restaurant called Machos. It was a funny place for an ethnic restaurant in the early 80's. Driggs being a tiny town of about 250 people back in 1983 populated with a curious mix of mormons and hippie telemark skiers, this little mexican place was down right exotic, though not run by actual mexicans. Which is sad, because the food was mostly the americanized version with which we are all too familiar. One thing I learned in my short time there, besides the fact that I don't want to come home smelling like a chimichanga, was how to make my own tortilla chips. I've been making these chips for years at home because they are so easy and sooo good. Then, not too long ago, my son and I spent a rainy evening watching a silly new show on the food network about celebrity chefs in Beverly Hills. At one of their parties they made 'Crack Chips' - simply, deep fried flour tortilla triangles sprinkled with salt. that's it, nothing else. So easy and so addicting, I had to share how to do it:

Carri's Crack Chips
Cut flour tortillas into triangles (I used whole wheat ones here)

heat about 4 cups straight up olive oil (no it will not smoke, I swear...and you can strain the oil and reuse over and over!) in a heavy bottom 3 quart saucepan fitted wth a candy thermometer to 360 degrees. Toss in a few of the triangles, using tongs to move them around in the oil. fry till golden, about 2 minutes, max.

transfer to paper towel lined cookie sheet and immediately sprinkle with salt.

That's it, really. except for eating them. And if your making them ahead for a party, be sure to hide them from the family or they will be gone before the guests arrive!